STARSEED is an organization that offers an alternative to end of life services, deep space exploration, and planet seeding opportunities for potential future human habitation. 

The Art of Wallace R Gillard

Wallace needs to scribble. It’s a habit that allows him to focus.


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STARSEED: Timelapse

STARSEED: Timelapse Here is a timelapse watercolour painting created for the background scenery of a few pages in the first installment of the STARSEED series. Written and illustrated by me, Wallace R. Gillard, the first chapter of this story...

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Interdependence IV – w/ Josh Turnbull

Interdependence IV – w/ Josh Turnbull

Hello again, everyone... I know, I know. You don't hear from me in a year, then all of a sudden I show up two days in row. I did mention there's a lot going on right now, though. I wasn't lying. That being said, I'm just going to go ahead and leave this here......

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