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STARSEED is an organization that offers an alternative to end of life services, deep space exploration, and planet seeding opportunities for potential future human habitation. 

The Art of Wallace R Gillard

Wallace needs to scribble. It’s a habit that allows him to focus.


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Interdependence – Original Artwork Time Lapse

Interdependence – Original Artwork Time Lapse

  Here is a time lapse video of the first artwork of my Interdependence series during the month of March, 2016. If you would like to acquire a print of this piece, reach out through my contact page, or visit PM me on any of my social media platforms.  A huge...

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The Way of the Artist

Transition can be terrifying. Job security, benefits package, company vehicle, phone, and perks have all been relinquished to pursue a passion. There is little more difficult to some than stepping out of your comfort zone and putting ones expressive self on display...

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