DSC02534Transition can be terrifying.

Job security, benefits package, company vehicle, phone, and perks have all been relinquished to pursue a passion. There is little more difficult to some than stepping out of your comfort zone and putting ones expressive self on display for the world to critique.

I have stashed my sketches and paintings behind doors, in closets, garages, and boxed in basements for 15 years now. The time has come to open up the vault and embrace this gift I have honed for almost two decades. This is not simply a hobby. This is who I am.

My name is Wallace R. Gillard. I am an Artist.

On this site you will find image galleries, blog posts, material and media which have inspired me, an events calendar, and a contact page. Please feel free to contact me, should you feel the need arise.

Again, welcome to my new home on the web. I do hope to see you again.